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Monday, 8 February 2010

How I met my Husband?

After completing my M.A in English my father wanted me to settle in life and get married. Like every father, he had his dreams for my future. I wanted to do much more in my career, though had this hidden desire like every girl to meet my future husband.

After a long process of rejecting quite a number of proposals, I got down to meet my future Husband in the year 2004 him in a local Restaurant.

I was accompanied by my Mom, Dad, Brother and Sis-in-law. It was as if I was going for some war. Not less was seen from his side. He had a group of five friends and his younger brother. I was more conscious to see all of us in a public place. People could easily make out something out of it. The small restaurant was more than half occupied by our party. My parents were not least bothered by this and were more than eager to meet their future son-in-law.

Leaving me behind, they both huddled together and sat right next to the guy they had come to see.. One on each side, he had hardly any place to keep his posture calm and comfortable.

While, I sat at the other table with my brother and sis-in-law, his friends saw it good to stay at the last table and finally went out.

Meanwhile, my Dad didn’t waste a second and had the ball rolling by asking him loads of questions. Family, Schooling, earnings, professional, future plans etc. By the time, he realized he had left no queries for me , he called me to their table where my Husband’s hot cup of coffee was left cold like water and the fries lay soft and untouched. Though, my Mom and Dad had finished theirs and were eager to have their second ones with us.

Not willingly, they moved from the table and finally we both got some time to talk. I couldn’t speak as my Dad had asked him more than anything I could have ever asked and had told him about me as well. Until, the coffee was served again and I said, ‘Please leave the first one, it’s very cold.’ He looked at me and for the first time in that one hour time he spoke to me, ‘I would enjoy the cold one as well now.’ We burst into laughter and something clicked in my mind, seven months later he became my Husband.

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