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Monday, 26 July 2010

Benign Strangers

It's quite strange to quote some strange experiences in this strange place!!!
Last saturday, I met this old lady from Italy while shopping at the high street, mostly known as Oxford street.
To elucidate further, I was supposed to shop some b'day presents for my hubby n daughter! But, knowing my disinterest in shopping (quite contrary to the common fact that females love shopping!! and I do not!!) So, hubby followed this tradition and I found a nice tuffet to sit. Not even a minute later this old Italian lady came with her family of four and sat beside me. I think she was much tired like me, as we started talking she said her grand daughter is going to turn twelve next month on 10th and since it's their school summer break, she will b taking her to her homeland, Paris. All her relatives from her husband's side were there in France and they were planning for a nice family reunion along with her grand daughter's birthday treat! It was a co- incidence, I told her that my daughter would turn four on the same day and same month! She looked intently at Siya who was busy twirling, dancing, glancing at the mirrors and singing! Siya turned and sneaked a look at the girl who was dressed like a boy. Siya found it odd and she said, " Mama! Why is she not wearing a Frock ?" Before I could say anything, the old lady said," I was telling my grand daughter that she shares the same birth day and month and look she is wearing a frock, so why can't you wear one?"
The girl gave a sly smile and went to see her mother who was busy trying some clothes for her. While the old lady started talking to me. She said she likes the people who really care for their children and look for their needs. As per her opinion, family is v important and she takes her family from London to meet her relatives in Paris every year. To our dismay, siya and that girl picked up the same dress unknowingly, and I said, 'They have struck the same chords!' I don't know what clicked in that girl's mind, she bought that frock and the old lady thankfully said, "She would be wearing one for the first time. All these eleven years she had never worn a frock!" Well!! what could have I said!! It was a sheer zodiac effect or just an impression!! That one hour in that GAP showroom was a delight. I had almost forgotten the wide chasm of language difference!!!
I had almost travelled with her to the beautiful city of Paris. In the lap of the Eiffel Tower, I had almost told her numerous stories of my great Nation!! Oh!! but Hang on!!! I heard something else, "What??! Oh!! you had a nice time here withe me!! Me too!!" Smilingly, she kissed siya on her forehead and wished her happy b'day in advance! Well!! I did the same with her grand daughter! Though, after her kind gesture, my mind kept thinking, ' Was she expecting this from me or not??' Following the complete ritual, we all bid good bye to each other while I kept thinking in my mind's eye that Europeans are not shrewd after all!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

My wandering ThoughtS

Thoughts with capital 'S' because I myself fail to understand why I can't rein my horse ( read my mind)!! Trudging up and down, fast and v fast, I often see myself pushing my mind to go beyond reach....and then suddenly !!! Thump!! Thud!! It stumbles and falls down!!
Concerned for someone's pain, procrastinating for long unfulfilled tasks, alluring for something I don't deserve, believing in myself and the next second disbelieving and questioning !, sometimes driven by strong love for theology, and then questioning the work of providence!
The list is endless and if I have to reach up with my mind's thinking speed, I guess even one light year would be less in calculating the speed of my wandering thoughts!! Why it never tires and takes some rest.... why it keeps pondering on things that don't really concern me? Well!! well!! there are many things I still can say and write about this boggling mind. The sheer fact that I have been badly hit by this 'mm....mania' since my good old school days, even my dear family seems to reconcile with my plight.
Oh! such such are the wandering thoughts of mine!
The more I try to hold, the less they decline!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

How I met my Husband?

After completing my M.A in English my father wanted me to settle in life and get married. Like every father, he had his dreams for my future. I wanted to do much more in my career, though had this hidden desire like every girl to meet my future husband.

After a long process of rejecting quite a number of proposals, I got down to meet my future Husband in the year 2004 him in a local Restaurant.

I was accompanied by my Mom, Dad, Brother and Sis-in-law. It was as if I was going for some war. Not less was seen from his side. He had a group of five friends and his younger brother. I was more conscious to see all of us in a public place. People could easily make out something out of it. The small restaurant was more than half occupied by our party. My parents were not least bothered by this and were more than eager to meet their future son-in-law.

Leaving me behind, they both huddled together and sat right next to the guy they had come to see.. One on each side, he had hardly any place to keep his posture calm and comfortable.

While, I sat at the other table with my brother and sis-in-law, his friends saw it good to stay at the last table and finally went out.

Meanwhile, my Dad didn’t waste a second and had the ball rolling by asking him loads of questions. Family, Schooling, earnings, professional, future plans etc. By the time, he realized he had left no queries for me , he called me to their table where my Husband’s hot cup of coffee was left cold like water and the fries lay soft and untouched. Though, my Mom and Dad had finished theirs and were eager to have their second ones with us.

Not willingly, they moved from the table and finally we both got some time to talk. I couldn’t speak as my Dad had asked him more than anything I could have ever asked and had told him about me as well. Until, the coffee was served again and I said, ‘Please leave the first one, it’s very cold.’ He looked at me and for the first time in that one hour time he spoke to me, ‘I would enjoy the cold one as well now.’ We burst into laughter and something clicked in my mind, seven months later he became my Husband.


While putting my daughter to sleep, I am reminded of the sweet touch of my mother when I used to sleep with her as a child. It is quite natural that you tend to relate some of your child’s acts to your own, though in my case it is more than that. I sometimes end up using the same sentences and reacting the same way as my mother used to do to me.

The simple touch of my daughter’s hand, feeling my face with her little fingers in the dark and whispering those most precious words,’ I love you Mum’, force me to sneak back to the time when I used to feel my Mum’s face with my little fingers, when I used to feel the warmth and security in my Mum’s lap and the same precious words which I had said a long time back. I guess there is no copyright to express emotions in a same way. We all feel the same way when it comes to emotions.

It is my daughter who has made me realize that I still feel strongly about expressing my emotions to my parents. I have a strong wish and desire to relive my childhood with my ageing parents.

When I look at my daughter, holding my face in her little hands, I do remember my mother’s beautiful face, the perfect bun she used to adorn, her pretty pink suit which was my favourite, the smell of her soft, silk scarf and the smell of Cinthol talc she used to put everyday. The warmth in her hug and the sweet smell is still fresh in my mind. My dad’s tight grip when he used to take me to school, his aspirations and dreams still seems new to me.

Though, this time when I went home I could see more lines on his face, but his dreams and aspirations for us are still high. My Mom’s beautiful face is even more filled with aged marks. It seemed that time had surely left its mark on her perfect face. Her eyes are always behind the glasses now and her long, lustrous hairs are no more black and shiny. They have turned grey, but one thing is still there her sweet smile.

I want to hold her face in my hands and show her that she is still the most beautiful woman for me. I want to hug her tight and feel the same warmth that I used to feel long time back. Also, I want to hold my dad’s soft hand, where the skin seems to be loosing its sheen. I want to hug him and tell him that he is still my best Daddy and my ideal as he had always been in the years gone by.

Time has surely made us more formal. Despite having been so close to my parents I couldn’t get enough time to say all this. I don’t know when the next time I

Will see them, my dear parents would be even more aged. With life getting busier day by day and not even having time to say, ‘Thank you’ to my dear parents I could just promise that the next time I will be there I would definitely get the warm hugs I had been longing for. And, for me they are still the world’s best parents. .