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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Siya's love for Metaphors

 Our little growing child has been exploring the world around her. Acquiring new words and adjectives to describe her feelings, emotions and diverse aspect so f life that she experiences on a daily basis. Apparently, her love of diving deep into the ceaseless sea of words and variations has made her more interested and glued with her paper pad and pencil.
I could see her sitting in a corner and jotting, scribbling and penning something or the other. Often, she would come and show her beautifully crafted piece where I could see that child like innocence soaring with her growing comparisons. They are some far fetched! some quite subtle and some incredibly cute.
I am delighted to see her growing love for her expression and would wish her to continue it nurturing!!
with love

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Life's incredible moments
 when mind stops thinking
 and heart stops ceasing!!

When every move you take seems arduous
when your intentions are pure but your mind is ambiguous

you want to embark
the mere first step seems  a 'task'

Your sleepless nights, gaping eyes, insecure soul
all mug you  up even though you abhor

fickle minded you shoo your way
looking for some direction, some goal to stay

hunting and binging doesn't lead you anywhere
thrashed by failures and unknowing despair

what! Must you do to keep going?
Should you quit and stop exploring?

Harsh are the ways of life
You seek solace but you have to fare!

The reality is struck with these novel episodes
every day fresh and always galore

Don't you stop! Don't shun!
That door shall open!  and  Don't run!

Keep your faith and keep trying
Sustain hope that's only your side!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Damp, Dull, Dreary Day

In the midst of this sunny week a day that is long forlorn,
 on its own leaping gradually,
 with all dislikes, hate and comment,
 unwelcome like an unknown guest,
sheepishly thinking to restore faith;
 in the minds of many who hath
 been romancing in the gaze of yellow hues,
 smiling with the fragrance of blues;
who wants dull, dreary and windy time,
 joys stay with daisies and sunshine;
 windmill, leaves n the boughs,
 yearn for that vow;
 why did you deceive! Oh! forgetful sun!!
unworthy friendship!! please shun!!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Many Scruples of Digi...tal- Reading

It's almost four months since I got my Kindle as my b'day present. I have manageg to download and categorically maintain a beautiful catalogue of some books. Most of them are from free kindle store. However, since I haven't read them, so I found it even more attractive to embark on this venture. Now, four months on, I still have the same number of books without even a single piece read!
The excitement of having an e-book reader is somewhere concealed under these so many formalities and undesirable searching, reading and understanding the unusual functions of this technically advanced gadget. Perhaps, my simple maneuvers didn't find their way to get the ABC'S clear in my mind. So, since October I have read some books but not on kindlle, instead on my old paper print! Somehow, the smell of the pages, the touch of the print and the book's control in my hands, fills my heart with a sense of achieving something... I wonder when will I be able to inculcate the same sense of accomplishment from my kindle?

Red roses and the lil hearts!

Our four plus daughter wakes up in the morning with a beautiful smile and a proclamation, " Happy Valent...eene...'s day Mumma!" And she goes on to say, " I will gift you red roses and a lil red heart pillow. I will gift papa my teddy and a card."
I am surprised though no one in the house had talked about getting red today! Forget about 'Valentine's day'. When asked she replied with a sweet smile," Easy! (shrugged her shoulders). Every one bring red flowers today, I saw at the sainbury's yesterday.( a shopping store!). I hardly have ever noticed the flower corner at the shopping store. But, Siya did! I had forgotten that Siya has started her reading and forming words by joining sounds and letters! Some common and most popular ones are 'love', 'happy' 'day'... So, she had easily picked the common ones and the T.V had informed the rest!! Whatever be the means, I guess the true message of spreading love is surely intoxicating and kids siya's age are even more attracted! They do get the messages clear and are often distinctly clear about their perceptions!
Our sweet lil 'Rose' is surely growing pretty and her lil 'heart' is understanding the world around her quite wonderfully.

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Hum-drum of Valentine's day!

Love has its innumerable connotations today! In the form of romance or in the form of commitment, In the form of mere obligation or in the form of unrequited love, in the form of a flashy proclamation...in contrast to a quiet gesture of heart felt true feelings...The magic of 'red' is spread everywhere.
Commercialized feelings are packed in different colorful gift packages and commitments are claimed profoundly with numerous romantic, love filled sentences on red' cards...for an everlasting, peaceful, love filled life...though it hardly ever lasts... for a year! As the same is expected, commemorated, celebrated and committed for another set of everlasting love life!! No offence, I do appreciate this gesture of remembering St. Valentine for his sacrifice and his respect for 'love'. But, in the present times, the whole idea of realizing the true essence of 'love' is obscured in this canopy of commercialization. Husbands and male lovers specially have a tough time choosing a perfect gift for their partners and wives... and why not! Females love to flaunt later and proclaim their love for their husbands and partners in their language of 'commerce register'(read finance). Well! it's a satire on we women, specially one's like me who hate this concept of commercializing everything for the sake of emotions, feelings and love... at the same time who keep wondering and guessing how their husbands would make this day special!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

On the Run!

Sounds quite racy and marathony!( read marathon) After consistently watching some heroic stories of great women on TV series, I am more than inspired to write this and somehow acknowledge the true worth of a woman.
How undoubtedly tedious, hard and tough it is to be an inspiration for all! If that is a woman, believe me it's almost double! Woman, irrespective of her class, creed, social position or culture, shares the same shades of toil and hard work.If one is successful, then shades of super hard work and super expectations. From a simple laborer to a glamorous super mom, all have to be their best to inspire. This is truly reflected when a woman is best complimented or commented not by her partner or husband, but by her child! Don't ask! the famous channel here had aired a programme where some school mums were revolutionized and made over in a day after they dropped their kids at school. When the kids saw their mums later in the day, they were thrilled to see glamor mums in place of their worn out old mums!
On being asked why they liked their mums to look best, they replied they want their mums to be the best in everything!! Some expectations!! Be it the morning, which are almost chaotic with getting ready for work, breakfasts or packing lunches, be it the afternoon, which are again occupied with innumerable chores, including some quality time with kids, be it the evenings, which are more than too busy with dinners, bath time, story time, play time and oh!! what not!! So, where is Mum darling! well!! she is drained! lost! and almost a Zombie!
Does she have to play a nice wife! Off course!! who else do you think will take your place! Hmm!! in short this is how the latest star news tv channel have summarized today's woman and her true identity! On the run!!