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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Siya's love for Metaphors

 Our little growing child has been exploring the world around her. Acquiring new words and adjectives to describe her feelings, emotions and diverse aspect so f life that she experiences on a daily basis. Apparently, her love of diving deep into the ceaseless sea of words and variations has made her more interested and glued with her paper pad and pencil.
I could see her sitting in a corner and jotting, scribbling and penning something or the other. Often, she would come and show her beautifully crafted piece where I could see that child like innocence soaring with her growing comparisons. They are some far fetched! some quite subtle and some incredibly cute.
I am delighted to see her growing love for her expression and would wish her to continue it nurturing!!
with love

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Life's incredible moments
 when mind stops thinking
 and heart stops ceasing!!

When every move you take seems arduous
when your intentions are pure but your mind is ambiguous

you want to embark
the mere first step seems  a 'task'

Your sleepless nights, gaping eyes, insecure soul
all mug you  up even though you abhor

fickle minded you shoo your way
looking for some direction, some goal to stay

hunting and binging doesn't lead you anywhere
thrashed by failures and unknowing despair

what! Must you do to keep going?
Should you quit and stop exploring?

Harsh are the ways of life
You seek solace but you have to fare!

The reality is struck with these novel episodes
every day fresh and always galore

Don't you stop! Don't shun!
That door shall open!  and  Don't run!

Keep your faith and keep trying
Sustain hope that's only your side!