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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Many Scruples of Digi...tal- Reading

It's almost four months since I got my Kindle as my b'day present. I have manageg to download and categorically maintain a beautiful catalogue of some books. Most of them are from free kindle store. However, since I haven't read them, so I found it even more attractive to embark on this venture. Now, four months on, I still have the same number of books without even a single piece read!
The excitement of having an e-book reader is somewhere concealed under these so many formalities and undesirable searching, reading and understanding the unusual functions of this technically advanced gadget. Perhaps, my simple maneuvers didn't find their way to get the ABC'S clear in my mind. So, since October I have read some books but not on kindlle, instead on my old paper print! Somehow, the smell of the pages, the touch of the print and the book's control in my hands, fills my heart with a sense of achieving something... I wonder when will I be able to inculcate the same sense of accomplishment from my kindle?

Red roses and the lil hearts!

Our four plus daughter wakes up in the morning with a beautiful smile and a proclamation, " Happy Valent...eene...'s day Mumma!" And she goes on to say, " I will gift you red roses and a lil red heart pillow. I will gift papa my teddy and a card."
I am surprised though no one in the house had talked about getting red today! Forget about 'Valentine's day'. When asked she replied with a sweet smile," Easy! (shrugged her shoulders). Every one bring red flowers today, I saw at the sainbury's yesterday.( a shopping store!). I hardly have ever noticed the flower corner at the shopping store. But, Siya did! I had forgotten that Siya has started her reading and forming words by joining sounds and letters! Some common and most popular ones are 'love', 'happy' 'day'... So, she had easily picked the common ones and the T.V had informed the rest!! Whatever be the means, I guess the true message of spreading love is surely intoxicating and kids siya's age are even more attracted! They do get the messages clear and are often distinctly clear about their perceptions!
Our sweet lil 'Rose' is surely growing pretty and her lil 'heart' is understanding the world around her quite wonderfully.