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Monday, 14 February 2011

The Hum-drum of Valentine's day!

Love has its innumerable connotations today! In the form of romance or in the form of commitment, In the form of mere obligation or in the form of unrequited love, in the form of a flashy proclamation...in contrast to a quiet gesture of heart felt true feelings...The magic of 'red' is spread everywhere.
Commercialized feelings are packed in different colorful gift packages and commitments are claimed profoundly with numerous romantic, love filled sentences on red' cards...for an everlasting, peaceful, love filled life...though it hardly ever lasts... for a year! As the same is expected, commemorated, celebrated and committed for another set of everlasting love life!! No offence, I do appreciate this gesture of remembering St. Valentine for his sacrifice and his respect for 'love'. But, in the present times, the whole idea of realizing the true essence of 'love' is obscured in this canopy of commercialization. Husbands and male lovers specially have a tough time choosing a perfect gift for their partners and wives... and why not! Females love to flaunt later and proclaim their love for their husbands and partners in their language of 'commerce register'(read finance). Well! it's a satire on we women, specially one's like me who hate this concept of commercializing everything for the sake of emotions, feelings and love... at the same time who keep wondering and guessing how their husbands would make this day special!

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