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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Siya's first Friend

Siya’s first friend at school
Intimate, close and warm bond that siya shares with Keeley, her beautiful English friend is unmatchable. A year prior to her starting her school, I used to wonder how she will adjust and settle. Two months down and she already had uncountable stuff to talk about. Though, I still was ambiguous about her friendship. Needless to say, her teachers often commented in the mornings and home time that siya is quite friendly with all. I had soon witnessed some occasional hugs and warm reciprocation of love between the two. Soon, Siya had a wonderful group of friends. Some names had become quite homely.
Keeley, her favorite, Joshua, Taylor, Jaisha, Rachel and Dejorn. Being a mom, I was the most relieved person. I could relish her stories more happily and we both enjoyed talking long hours about her school escapades.
But, it had to last! Nursery was about to end! Siya had to step on another platform, a more big class, a much bigger school and many more children. Unlike her, who was very happy, my mind had started anxiously building new stories of her new life. I would become more curious to understand the role of teacher, the style of education and the innumerable questions about new kids joining her. Major concern of leaving her old friends, especially Keeley had hit hard on me. I had anticipated that she would be in siya’s class. But, unfortunately, she was in another section, though the same school.
Much to my astonishment, siya’s first day in her big school went well. Though, at home time she told me, "Mum! Keeley is in dolphin base and I am in Hedgehog base". That’s how the sections are divided in her school. On being asked about her friends in her new school, she told me she had so many new children in her class and most of them had been crying all day. She felt scared, but at the lunch hour, she met keeley and jaisha in the playground. She hugged them both and played with them. Her teacher told me a week later that Nysa and keeley are such good friends. They don’t miss a day to hug each other and mostly play together at the play time. No wonder, both of them had struck some chords! Oh! I was happy but still longed to see her being friends with the new lot! How mean!!
Five months on, we have much the same routine. Except that the school hours have increased enormously: Morning 9 to afternoon 2.45. Seems quite long for a four year old. But, I feel happy when I see her contented and happy at the end of day! Regarding her friends! It’s more than appreciative that Siya is a friendly and a happy child in her class. She plays with almost all and even with keeley in the play time. My fear of settling a single child happily in the school environment is vanished! I feel relaxed and know that learning will take its due course in time, but the foundation of a strong and healthy environment is almost set.


  1. it seems that u have poured out all ur feelings in words. Lovely one again.

  2. really really good one,loved it.