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Thursday, 3 February 2011

On the Run!

Sounds quite racy and marathony!( read marathon) After consistently watching some heroic stories of great women on TV series, I am more than inspired to write this and somehow acknowledge the true worth of a woman.
How undoubtedly tedious, hard and tough it is to be an inspiration for all! If that is a woman, believe me it's almost double! Woman, irrespective of her class, creed, social position or culture, shares the same shades of toil and hard work.If one is successful, then shades of super hard work and super expectations. From a simple laborer to a glamorous super mom, all have to be their best to inspire. This is truly reflected when a woman is best complimented or commented not by her partner or husband, but by her child! Don't ask! the famous channel here had aired a programme where some school mums were revolutionized and made over in a day after they dropped their kids at school. When the kids saw their mums later in the day, they were thrilled to see glamor mums in place of their worn out old mums!
On being asked why they liked their mums to look best, they replied they want their mums to be the best in everything!! Some expectations!! Be it the morning, which are almost chaotic with getting ready for work, breakfasts or packing lunches, be it the afternoon, which are again occupied with innumerable chores, including some quality time with kids, be it the evenings, which are more than too busy with dinners, bath time, story time, play time and oh!! what not!! So, where is Mum darling! well!! she is drained! lost! and almost a Zombie!
Does she have to play a nice wife! Off course!! who else do you think will take your place! Hmm!! in short this is how the latest star news tv channel have summarized today's woman and her true identity! On the run!!

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