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Friday, 14 May 2010

My wandering ThoughtS

Thoughts with capital 'S' because I myself fail to understand why I can't rein my horse ( read my mind)!! Trudging up and down, fast and v fast, I often see myself pushing my mind to go beyond reach....and then suddenly !!! Thump!! Thud!! It stumbles and falls down!!
Concerned for someone's pain, procrastinating for long unfulfilled tasks, alluring for something I don't deserve, believing in myself and the next second disbelieving and questioning !, sometimes driven by strong love for theology, and then questioning the work of providence!
The list is endless and if I have to reach up with my mind's thinking speed, I guess even one light year would be less in calculating the speed of my wandering thoughts!! Why it never tires and takes some rest.... why it keeps pondering on things that don't really concern me? Well!! well!! there are many things I still can say and write about this boggling mind. The sheer fact that I have been badly hit by this 'mm....mania' since my good old school days, even my dear family seems to reconcile with my plight.
Oh! such such are the wandering thoughts of mine!
The more I try to hold, the less they decline!!

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  1. oh, this is absolutely fantabulous! Seems like its my state of mind too.